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How to protection healthy eyes

Each person would want his condition remained in good health untilanytime. Eye is God's greatest
gift given to man as a very large role.I can not imagine that people live without having eyes, how he could write, looking at the beauty of the mountains, or just simply to distinguish colors.It's certainly going to suffer if the human eye is not healthy or impaired due to eye disease. Eyes are precious capital for the life of every person. So that your eyes are still functioning as it should, you are obliged to maintain and check their health to an ophthalmologist on a regular basis.It is undeniable that there are a lot of habits or daily work that can reduce the function of the eye such as watching TV too close, excessive game playing or watching the sun too long. Here are some things that must be considered to maintain the health of your eyes.Note the distance when watching television or readingSafe distance to be said for watching television is 2 meters for sizes 14 inches and 3 feet for a bigger size. Instead, use a small sized televisions that do not significantly affect the health of your eyes.Especially if the television is also used by you and your child to play games that usually takes many hours. Likewise, the habit of reading is to not get too close.Read with close proximity can cause eye strain and fatigue. Do not forget also to use adequate lighting and not read while lying or lazy.Sitting in front of his old computer or televisionTry not to stare at a computer screen or television for long periods at a time. You can arrange for every 1-2 hours, you stay away from the television or computer to rest your eyes for a moment. Perform activities run for 5-10 minutes so the view is not only focused on one spot.Using avoid dust and GlassesDust was instrumental in damaging your eyes. When traveling outside the room, on the highway, for example, you should use a mask or eye protection so that dust will get into the eye can be minimized. Avoid dust into the eyes because it can make the eyes so make the risk of eye infection and a cataract.Using sunglasses can prevent your eyes from the glare of UV rays to be one of the causes hardening of the lens, cataract, and a decrease in vision due to a disturbance in the central retina. By using sunglasses, UV rays can be filtered to 100% when you are outdoors.Doing Sports and Eye Examination RoutineAccording to the study, exercise can be beneficial to reduce the tension in the eye so decrease risk of glaucoma. There are many different sports that you can do from jogging, treadmill, to the gym and the other can be done consistently.By doing regular eye exams to specialized doctors, the risk of developing health problems in the eye will be reduced due to come before the disease, can be detected first so they can be addressed / treated.Food consumption Consttutional EyesThere are many types of foods that you can consume to maintain your eye health from carrots which contain a lot of vitamin A, avocado, green vegetables including broccoli, eggs, spinach, cabbage, tomato, garlic, and salmon.By eating lots of food to nourish the eye problem then your chances of getting eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and others can be reduced.HOPEFULLY HELPFUL @ kojek_amstrong

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